A global pandemic. Economic collapse. Ongoing state violence. This is the world that we live in.

As these crises deepen and as we lose faith in our institutions, we gain faith in ourselves and our ability to create a better future. Shred Magazine is working to curate a space where cultural and scientific workers can combine forces and realize their role in creating a better world.


Bring more nurturing, dialogue instead of debate

From the kitchen table to halls of government, our interactions are defined by domination. What we need right now is discourse among working people that can offer healing and illumination of paths to a better world.
We need…
Collaboration not Domination
Care not competition
Solidarity not individualism


Deeper creative components

We produce multimedia content ranging from podcasts and animations to articles and short stories. Ultimately, we recognize the need to organize in our workplaces and in the streets. Shred curates content as tools for carrying this out in the best way possible, from the local to the global.


Why this is different from other magazines?

We’re dissatisfied by the tendency for cultural, scientific, and political discourse to reduce the complexities of life to restrictive, static ideas and symbols.

Shred Magazine is dedicated to exploring complex questions about culture, science, and politics through a dialectical lens. Dialectical, meaning we examine the interwoven nature of life and society holistically.

We are curating a space where the brilliance of cultural workers, scientists, organizers, and more can complement and strengthen the struggle for a future where we all thrive.


Project Status


  • Developed a shared set of ideals & strategies
  • Honed in on where we can be of most use
  • Honed in on holistic intricacies of current issues not currently addressed
  • Built foundations of community – organized initial

Next Steps:

  • Raise a second round of funding 
  • Double the number of contributors
  • Launch our first awareness campaign

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