Let's break the silence.

Share your climate terror, grief, and rage, grief, with people who understand. Join a small group sharing & support sesion about the climate emergency.
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What participants are saying

Talking about climate emotions is a political act.
It also makes you feel better.

With Climate Awakening you can join others, from across the country and around the world in small group conversations:

Step #1

Sign up & sign in

Once you’ve signed up for a time above, you’ll receive a confirmation email with you conversation link. Sign in using that link on a laptop or desktop using a Chrome or Safari browser.

Step #2

Join the conversation

You’ll be placed in a group of about 3-5. You’ll watch recorded videos and receive conversation prompts about the climate emergency. This is your chance to share openly and honestly with others who “get it”.

Step #3

Have better climate conversations

Not only will the conversation be a chance to share, but you’ll learn how to have better climate conversations with your friends, family and colleagues. Use those tips to begin talking to others!

Why Climate Emotions?

Whole-self activism

The climate emergency is more than a “science” issue. It is an everything and everyone issue. And we need to approach it with everything we’ve got. Our emotions give us fuel for the fight. 

Plan a custom session

Host your own conversation!

Have a Climate Emotions conversation with your friends, family, colleagues, volunteer group or book club. Choose a time and then click the link below to book your session.

About the creator

Psychologist and Activist

Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD works at the intersection of psychology and social movements.
Margaret founded The Climate Mobilization in 2014 and directed it until 2020. The Climate Mobilization pioneered the Climate Emergency Declaration Campaign, which has now spread to over 1800 global government.

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