The climate conversation has been intensely intellectually focused while the emotional, personal, social, and psychological sides have been neglected.
This has paralyzed the climate movement.

Climate Awakening was founded to change this – to give the climate aware and alarmed a chance to connect emotionally with each other over the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

We connect the climate-aware through our small group conversation tool, Breaking the Silence, where those who are in pain about the climate emergency can connect, share, and learn how to have better climate conversations.

Activist and Psychologist

Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, is a clinical psychologist turned climate activist whose work helps people to face the deeply frightening, painful truths of the climate emergency and transform their despair into effective action.

She is the founder and President of the Board of The Climate Mobilization, which advocates an all-hands-on-deck, whole society mobilization to protect humanity and the living world from climate catastrophe.

She is the author of “Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth”, a radical self-help guide for the climate emergency. www.FacingTheClimateEmergency.com.